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What Do Car Buyers Do With The Cars They’ve Bought?

April 24, 2024
Used Car Sales

If you’re looking to sell your car quickly to an approved car buyer, you might be wondering what happens after the sale. There’s a few possibilities for what could happen, so we’re going to share some of the most common outcomes here.

Sell To A Dealership

You might be thinking that if your car is then sold on to a dealership, you could easily cut out the middle man and do it yourself. However, car buyers have access to a huge amount of dealerships across the country. Therefore, they can scour hundreds of options before deciding on the best one. As well as that, because they’re likely dealing with several vehicles at a time and have relationships with the dealerships they work with, they’ll get a better price than your average client and incur less costs when handling the vehicle.

List Online

Many cars you see listed on popular car trading websites will be from car buyers. Selling a car online isn’t always straightforward. Many sites have fees for listing vehicle on there, and getting the advertisement right can be time consuming. As well as that, if the car has little interest online then it could be sat waiting to be sold for a long time. The longer a vehicle waits for a new owner, the more chance it has to degrade and lower in value. Ideally, car buyers will only sell vehicles online if they’re confident that they’ll get a quick sale.

Go To Auction

If finding a good price from a dealership isn’t working, or the car isn’t selling online, a car buyer might turn to auction. This is much riskier than approaching a dealer, as a sale isn’t necessarily guaranteed, the final offer could be low, and there are costs associated with auctions that will eat into any profit.

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